More than 90% of the products which are manufactured at De Vries non-ferro gieterij consists of high-pressure and vacuum die casting. The products which are produced at De Vries non-ferro gieterij are made only with moulds which are manufactured or modified at Tooling Twente Enter. By using the moulds which are made at Tooling Twente Enter, De Vries non-ferro gieterij insures you of reliable, secure moulds. De Vries non-ferro gieterij can produce very adequate by using a product information system. In that system are parameters and control items of various processes mentioned. The product information system takes care of spreading the right information towards the foundry, processing department and final control. Some other die casting techniques are: low-pressure,squeeze and gravity die casting.

The difference between high-pressure and vacuum die casting concists of a vacuum system that is being connected to a special made mould. This vacuum system sees to it that the pressure in the mould is 0.2 Bar. With vacuum die casting the porusity of aluminum reduces from 1 to 1.5 %, while normally this lies between 6 and 8%. The end product has a more homogenous density because of this. The advantages are: Higher elongation, higher tensile strenght and decrease of bad products during casting and finishing by reducing the amount of gas which exit the mould. Shortly: Products of De Vries non-ferro gieterij are not to light to taken!!