Unimeta Nederland B.V. is specialized in the production of garden furniture. The hinges of these chairs are designed in co-operation with De Vries Non-ferro Gieterij.

AXA is a strong brand name for quality products in the area of builders hardware and bicycle accessories. De Vries Non-ferro Gieterij produces several parts for AXA.

Brabantia is designer and producer of household products and Today they design products for the present, but with an eye to the future.De Vries Non-ferro Gieterij has produced several parts for Brabantia

ETAP is a company with over a fifty years experience in professional indoor- and safetylighting. De Vries Non-ferro Gieterij produces armatures for ETAP.
Euromate Air Cleaning Systems is a supplier of ventilation systems. De Vries Non-ferro Gieterij supplies several parts for these ventilation systems.